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Tomorrow will be kinder - an ME3 Femshep mix


The Birth and Death of the Day - Explosions in the Sky.


Tomorrow Will Be Kinder - The Secret Sisters.

Sorrow weighs my shoulders down
And trouble haunts my mind
But I know the present will not last
And tomorrow will be kinder

This Is Why We Fight - The Decemberists.

When we die
We will die
With our arms unbound

If I Were A Weapon - Suzanna Vega.

If I were a weapon
You said I'd be a gun
Lethal at close range I guess
With silencer and stun

But I feel more like a needle
Always pulling on the thread
Always making the same point again
And wondering if you heard what I just said

Hope In The Air - Laura Marling.

No hope in the air
No hope in the water
Not even for me
Your last serving daughter

Why fear death, be scared of living
Our hearts are small and ever thinning

Help, I'm Alive - Metric.

I tremble
They're gonna eat me alive
If I stumble
They're gonna eat me alive
Can you hear my heart
Beating like a hammer

Lullaby - Sia.

Send a wish upon a star
Make a map and there you are
Send a hope upon a wave
A dying wish before the grave
Send a hope upon a wave
For all the souls you failed to save

Never Let Me Go (Live) - Florence + the Machine.

And it's over
And I'm going under
But I'm not giving up
I'm just giving in



(Bonus art!)

(Please note that yes, I fucked up where 'The birth and death...' went on the art. Sorry!)


Ahahahahaaaa I don't even want to talk about how long the first three quarters of this sat on my hard drive before I finally finished it. ME3 gave me approximately A BAJILLION TIMES MORE Femshep feels than I already had and I already had a lot, so this was inevitable.

Art featuring two of my Femsheps!
Tags: game: mass effect, type: fanmix
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